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Welcome to Team Aesthetics

For Dental Laboratory Education to be effective it must be provided to all members of the dental delivery team. This way everyone is working towards the same goal and taking the same path to get there. To achieve this goal we provide courses for dentists and ceramists that utilize the same communication techniques and aesthetic philosophy. (Check out the communication tutorial!)

At Team Aesthetics we are passionate about excellence in dentistry. Our goal is to share ideas with leaders in the industry to elevate the level of care patients can expect when they seek cosmetic or reconstructive treatment.

We realize that cosmetic excellence is very rarely an accident, but rather, the result of education, communication, careful planning and execution.

A beautiful smile is the result of a dynamic and very interactive relationship between clinician, ceramist and patient. 

Team Aesthetics Education

Our field is changing rapidly!! What we learned in school is no longer enough to assure our continued success. To successfully compete in the future of dental labs we must:

  • First identify what our patients desire (or are going to desire next year) and prepare to provide this service for them.
  • Patient aesthetic expectations are much higher than they were 5 years ago. This trend will continue as patients become more educated.
  • Identify new techniques and materials that will allow us to exceed patient expectations.
  • Learn how to work with new techniques to deliver dazzling results that will excite our patient and reward the aesthetic dental team.
  • Restructure our ceramic laboratory or dental practice to present an image consistent with the level of excellence we provide.
  • Adapt our businesses to be profitable and successful while providing new and more exciting services.
  • Continue learning and be ready to change again. Don’t become complacent!!!

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